Silver solar panels

In these days of unexplained "crowd funding" comes now an 76-year old 'bush Alaskan sourdough' that would like to have a solar smart roof to replace the one covered with a blue tarp over the hole clawed by a wolverine. This on the 'Yukon' Walter Yates "Breakaway" cabin, featured in his film, and book; and longtime Bowser Creek claim owner Barry Murray's at "Taildragging the wild" on the built by shovel and wheelbarrow, off the "Don Sheldon International Aerodrome" of fame.

Murray, is a horsepacking * / helicopter * prospector, and Bering Sea cook * who still washes his own dishes, wants to be remembered for as good 'bush' neighbor, even if a bit crazed for always thinking of better ways to replace, "that's the way it's always been done". Especially when it comes to retirement systems in financial trouble right now.

As with other people with a natural connections with 'The Great Land', Murray wants to give back for a life well lived by restricting his solar photovoltaic galena ore into a supply side system to an affordable home-building regulated feed stocks delivery business system, run by individuals who recognize the 99% wealth of the earth is better managed by home owners, than the out of control big 5% magnets of mortgage money.

This thinking is the result of Barry's lifetime efforts, almost by himself, of developing 800,000+ ounces of photovoltaic silver (visibly proven length, times width, times depth, out of four feet deep hand dung trenches) as reported in U.S. Geological Survey Bulletins, State of Alaska Geological Reports, and Homestake participation*, (America's largest gold mining company at the time); and the equally valuable lead for storage batteries out of the galena ore that also contains photovoltaic zinc, and copper needed for a simple solar thin film energy system that could develop into a very Alaska "earn in" solar smart business venture. The point being is that once the manipulated price of managed silver stocks collapses, the resulting runaway rush to buy will, on rapidly rising speculative commodity prices will once again put practicable, sustainable, long term solar investment by itself, into a slump.

Murray's challenge to young families desire ious of building an affordable home is the opportunity of the combing, his Oregon Table Mountain of 500,000 + tons of nepheline syenite as CLC concrete foam flowing into "R-+21" insulating pre-cast tilt up wall forms. A process similar to,after knocking together a post and beam form laying on a floating pad, to survive earthquake and melting permafrost, with plumbing and wiring conduit included, for a pumped in yeast bread style "light concrete" dough to raise. The expansion is four to five times what comes out of a a bag of cement, which would make it ideal for fly-in bush homes. Even those who have easy road access should think about the material savings alone. Then pencil in the saving, or earnings if on a buy back excess electricity grid of topping the house with a rainwater harvesting, solar roof proven by 30-years of field testing not to wear out.

solar materials needed These two folios explain all! lost cost housing

On the start-up business plans offered here, call Barry Murray at 503-753-5868 on the Oregon Coast nepheline property for now, or write prospector [] of Or go to his dream of saddling up to cross the great horizon and being able to look back with a smile upon his help in building Carefully avoid yet another tiresome bully Chinese spoof hack attack by mistyping, appearing here as [].

Perhaps as Alaska is not a fortress, all this the outsider negative energy could be a crowd funded pathway into a earth first COOP as righteous as REI in advancing a humanity past a wealth of the Earth plutocracy. Why should Alaska not be allowed to create jobs selling our mineral wealth as an exportable product?


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